Kia Battery Service

Our attention to detail, expertise, and dedication to excellence makes us the best option on where to service your Kia.

Quality Kia Battery Service At Suntrup Kia South

Whether your battery needs the terminals cleaned of corrosion or your vehicle needs a new battery altogether, trust the Kia certified professionals at Suntrup Kia South’s Service Center. Our attention to detail, expertise, and dedication to excellence makes us the best option on where to service your Kia.


Battery Inspection & Testing

One of the most important parts of making sure your battery is ready to go is having it tested and inspected often. Connections need to be tight, and everything needs to be kept clean for your battery to work properly. When you have your battery inspected, our certified Kia technicians will clean things up and make sure the battery is connected correctly. Another important part of battery inspection is having your battery tested, making sure it’s providing enough power and holding a charge. Even if your battery is clean as a whistle, it’s not going to do you any good if it can’t hold a charge. Of course, you can always pick up new Kia batteries at Suntrup Kia if your battery is shot.

  • Battery Replacement – Battery inspections, more often than not, lead to battery replacements. Do not worry – here at Suntrup we garuntee a professional, reliable, and quick battery instalation! Our technicians will also provide a thorough inspection of the electrical system and proper cleaning to ensure that everything related to the battery is in working order.
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  • Terminal Cleaning – The battery terminals can sustain a buildup of corrosion that makes the connections looser; we can clean the terminals and tighten the cables.
  • Battery Inspection – It happens in every scary movie ever. When you’re desperate to leave in a hurry, the car won’t start. Why? The battery is dead. While life tends to be a little less dramatic, failed batteries are never fun for anyone. If your battery is letting you down, the best thing to do is get a battery inspection as soon as possible.

Schedule Your Next Battery Service at Suntrup Kia

When it comes to your battery, you don’t want to take any chances. The good news is, you don’t have to! We can test your battery to make sure it’s in good shape and replace it when you need a new one. If you want to simplify battery services, Suntrup Kia South is the answer. Schedule your appointment today!


Kia Battery Service
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