Kia Transmission Service

Instead of taking it to the local mechanic, trust the people who know your Kia best: the technicians at Suntrup Kia South.

Trust the Experts at Suntrup Kia South in St. Louis for Your Kia Vehicle’s Transmission Needs

Whether you drive a subcompact sedan like the Kia Rio, a capable crossover like the Kia Sportage, a minivan like the Kia Sedona, or the utterly unique Kia Soul, your vehicle will need transmission service from time to time. Instead of taking it to the local mechanic, trust the people who know your Kia best: the technicians at Suntrup Kia South. Our skill, expertise, and dedication to excellence make a visit to us well worth the drive from Kirkwood or Webster Groves. Find out more about the services we offer on this page.


Transmission Services

  • Transmission Inspection – Both manual and automatic transmissions will often give off warning signs if something isn’t as it should be. Most of these are pretty obvious. If your transmission won’t go into gear or stay in gear, or if you experience high revving and transmission slipping, it’s a likely sign that there’s a problem somewhere in the transmission. Strange sounds or burning smells can also be cause for alarm, as is a transmission fluid leak. In addition, problems with the transmission may trigger the check engine light. If you notice any of these symptoms in your Kia, it’s best to pull over and have it towed to Suntrup Kia South right away. Our qualified service technicians will inspect the transmission to get down to the cause of the problem. Of course, you don’t have to wait for trouble, either. The service calendar in your Kia owner’s manual should list transmission inspection as a regularly scheduled maintenance item. Be sure to follow the recommended maintenance intervals here.
  • Transmission Fluid Exchange – The transmission fluid in your vehicle is designed to lubricate the moving parts in the transmission, keeping them from being damaged by friction. Over time, this fluid will degrade and become contaminated. When transmission fluid is in this state, it can’t lubricate your transmission as well, and will likely shorten your transmission’s lifespan. When you bring your Kia in for a transmission fluid exchange, we’ll drain the old transmission fluid and remove the filter. We’ll then add a new OEM transmission fluid filter and fill your Kia with fresh, Kia-approved transmission fluid.
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  • Transmission Replacement – The transmission in your vehicle is a long-lasting component, but Kia models are also known for their longevity, which means that your Kia might outlast the transmission. If your Kia needs a new transmission, whether automatic or manual, we’ll be glad to replace it.
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Kia Transmission Service

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