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Complete Charging System Inspections in St. Louis, MO

Eventually, every driver gets into a vehicle, turns the ignition, and the car doesn’t start. Our first thought is always the battery, but there’s an entire charging system that has to work to get the car from off to running. When that system is ignored, we get stranded. That’s why charging system inspections and tests are so important.

Charging System Inspection & Testing

Battery, Alternator, and more

A full charging system inspection and the test will look at multiple components of your car to ensure it charges correctly and can start properly. The tests will include a full inspection of the battery and cables (and a friendly cleaning while we’re in there).

The battery will be tested for holding capacity while the starter is measured for voltage draw. Additionally, the alternator’s output will be measured to ensure enough power is generated when the car is running. Finally, the surface charge and cold-crank capacity of the system will be evaluated.

Overall, the service identifies problems so you can act preemptively and replace parts before it fails. That’s all it takes to avoid the frustration and inconvenience of care that won’t start when you need it most.


Why Does My Charging System Need to be Inspected?

Plenty of car owners are comfortable checking the charge on their batteries. Some are capable of testing the output of the alternator. Even if you handle these checks on your own, the rest of the inspection is still valuable. A full inspection goes a long way to prevent you from being stranded on the road when a key charging component eventually fails.

Is it Safe to Wait for a Battery Inspection?

The good news is that a bad charging system will not cause your car to erupt into a Michael Bay-style explosion. The bad news is that a failing charging system will definitely leave you stranded. A bad battery, alternator, charger or single cable is enough to bring any car to a stop and leave it there.

If you want to avoid that situation, having the system checked every three years is a good idea. Keep in mind that batteries need to be checked more often as they age even if an entire charging system inspection isn’t necessary as frequently.

You Can Trust Suntrup South

Suntrup has been working on Kias in St. Louis, Kirkwood and Webster Groves, MO, for years. The family-owned business is dedicated to providing a quality experience with any vehicular service. If you want competence tempered by friendliness, we’re the place to go.


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Kia Dealership amenities | Suntrup Kia St. Louis, MO
Kia Dealership amenities | Suntrup Kia St. Louis, MO
Kia Dealership amenities | Suntrup Kia St. Louis, MO
Kia Dealership amenities | Suntrup Kia St. Louis, MO

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