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New Car Batteries in St. Louis, MO

It happens in every scary movie ever. When you’re desperate to leave in a hurry, the car won’t start. Why? The battery is dead. While life tends to be a little less dramatic, failed batteries are never fun for anyone. If your battery is letting you down, the best solution is a battery replacement service.


Let the Professionals Replace Your Battery

On paper, swapping a battery isn’t all that difficult. You remove the cables, undo any fasteners and pop the new battery in place of the old one. In practice, things can be more involved. Batteries produce corrosive waste, and that waste can build upon components of the battery and attachments. It can also affect reliability. When you get a professional battery replacement service, you don’t just get a new battery. You get a thorough inspection of the electrical system and proper cleaning to ensure that everything related to the battery is in working order. SCHEDULE SERVICESERVICE SPECIALS

When to Get a New Car Battery

The most common indicator of a dead battery is a car that won’t start. If you drive long enough, you’ll experience this. Fortunately, there are some early indicators that can help you prevent things from escalating to this point. A lot of modern vehicles have battery monitoring systems. If and when the battery is no longer holding a proper charge, a warning light will pop up on your dash. Double check with your manual, and you’ll see what your car is telling you. The other early warning indicator is when electrical stuff doesn’t seem to work quite right. Car alarms get wonky when the battery doesn’t provide quite enough juice. Clocks might fail to keep the correct time, and lights might flicker erratically. If you ever want to be completely sure about your battery, hook it up to a voltmeter. A healthy battery should maintain 14 Volts when the car is off. At even 12 Volts, the car will typically start, but your battery is past its prime. When in doubt, a proper load test will give you the best review of your battery’s health.

Suntrup Kia Service Center

At Suntrup, we prioritize taking good care of your precious Kia. We are family-owned and operated, and we understand how much you need your car to get around St. Louis, Kirkwood and Webster Groves, MO. We’ll work hard to make your service experience as comfortable as possible.



Dealership Amenities:


  • Family Owned & Operated
  • Qualified Service Technicians
  • Workstations
  • Complimentary Coffee, Beverages & Snacks


Kia Dealership amenities | Suntrup Kia St. Louis, MO
Kia Dealership amenities | Suntrup Kia St. Louis, MO
Kia Dealership amenities | Suntrup Kia St. Louis, MO
Kia Dealership amenities | Suntrup Kia St. Louis, MO

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Suntrup Kia South is located at: 6263 S Lindbergh Blvd • St. Louis, MO 63123

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