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Kia Serpentine Belt Replacement Service in St. Louis, MO

Your Kia car or SUV is made up of many complex moving parts that all need to work together in the proper way and with the proper timing. Not only this, but certain parts must specifically work with extremely precise timing with each other. The best example of parts that must work in close timing with each other is the air conditioner, power steering, alternator, and the water pump. The purpose of replacing the serpentine belt is to restore the proper timing of these important parts and keep your vehicle running as smoothly as they did the day you drove it out of the sales yard.

Serpentine Belt Replacement Service

Serpentine Belt Inspection, Repairs, or Replacement

When your serpentine belt starts to wear out, it might not be something you’ll notice until problems begin to arise. The air conditioning might start growing weaker. The power steering may get stiffer, and your vehicle might start to heat up more easily. Fortunately, advanced in materials technology allows serpentine belts to last longer than ever before. However, you’ll still have problems if your belt starts to get loose or brakes completely. Often, the belt can be tightened instead of having to replace it completely. This can buy you some time before it needs to be replaced. But in time it will need to be replaced.


Ignoring Your Serpentine Belt is Risky

When your serpentine belt starts to wear out, you’ll see visible cracks in the rubber. It might start to lose its grip. This will be noticed as squealing noise, particularly in wet weather. Eventually, you may experience a failure of the power steering, which can be dangerous if it happens suddenly. Your air conditioner may stop working, and your vehicle may break down or refuse to start if the serpentine belt is broken or is not tight enough to do its job.

Suntrup Kia South Service Center

Here at Suntrup Kia South in St. Louis, Kirkwood, and Webster Groves, MO; our trained and Kia certified mechanics know how long your serpentine belt should last and understand the warning signs of a serpentine belt that is on its last legs. We’ll make sure your vehicle gets the right Kia certified parts and service to keep you on the road safely all year long. Find us online, or call Suntrup Kia South today to schedule an appointment.


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Kia Dealership amenities | Suntrup Kia St. Louis, MO
Kia Dealership amenities | Suntrup Kia St. Louis, MO
Kia Dealership amenities | Suntrup Kia St. Louis, MO
Kia Dealership amenities | Suntrup Kia St. Louis, MO

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