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Kia Fuel Injector Cleaning in St. Louis, MO

Without clean fuel injectors, your Kia may experience problems on the road. Fuel must flow freely and cleanly in order to provide your car’s engine with the best power and fuel economy possible. A fuel injection cleaning service is a regular maintenance item that your car needs to run smoothly. If you are in St. Louis, Kirkwood, or Webster Groves areas, then the technicians at Suntrup Kia South can perform this vital service, as well as other scheduled maintenance and repairs, for you. Here is more information about how your fuel injectors work as well as signs that you should schedule a fuel injection service.

Fuel Injector Cleaning Service

How the Fuel System and Fuel Injectors Work

In order for fuel to work and provide your car with power, it must be mixed with air at a precise ratio. In the past, this was accomplished with a carburetor that served all cylinders from a single location. However, carburetors were not very fuel and emission efficient because not all cylinders received the proper amount of fuel. Some cylinders received too much and some received too little fuel. This meant that much of the fuel went through the system unburned and wasted. Fuel injectors deliver fuel directly into each cylinder and are controlled by a computer that adjusts the amount and timing of each pulse. The gasoline is sprayed out as a fine mist and mixed with air drawn in from the air intake. However, fuel can leave dirt and deposits on your injectors which can clog and change the efficiency and stream of the spray.


Signs of Dirty Fuel Injectors

The signs of dirty fuel injectors are very subtle, at first, but get worse as time goes on. Generally, you will find that your car hesitates more, especially around turns. You may notice a rough idle or surging RPMs at idle. Sometimes, the gas pedal, which controls the throttle plate, may feel sticky. The gas mileage also won’t be at peak efficiency. In severe cases, you might have trouble starting your car.

How Suntrup Kia South Can Help

Kia recommends you have a fuel injection cleaning service at regular intervals. Suntrup Kia South is a family-owned local St. Louis dealership that has trained technicians who can perform this work in an effective and thorough manner. If you are not sure what your Kia’s maintenance fuel injector cleaning schedule is, then talk to one of our service advisers for more information. While your car is being serviced, you can enjoy our comfortable waiting room with coffee and snacks for your convenience.


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Kia Dealership amenities | Suntrup Kia St. Louis, MO
Kia Dealership amenities | Suntrup Kia St. Louis, MO
Kia Dealership amenities | Suntrup Kia St. Louis, MO
Kia Dealership amenities | Suntrup Kia St. Louis, MO

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