What’s Included in the Kia Sorento Maintenance Schedule?

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Mechanic Working on Brakes

If you are looking to own or already own a new Kia Sorento, you know how easy it is to fall in love with this high-performance sport utility vehicle. To keep your beloved family SUV running optimally throughout St. Louis and beyond, it is important to follow the expert-recommended Kia Sorento maintenance schedule detailed below.

Kia Maintenance Schedule

Always consult your specific owner’s manual or our Suntrup Kia South service center for the most accurate Kia Sorento maintenance schedule pertaining to your model year. Continue reading to learn the Kia Sorento maintenance schedule at the half-year and two-year milestones:

Six Months or 7,500 Miles

Early on, you’ll want to have the following elements inspected or replaced:

  • Add fuel additive if needed
  • Air cleaner filter
  • Battery condition
  • Replace engine oil and filter
  • Rotate tires
  • Vacuum hose

24 Months or 30,000 Miles

After 2 years of driving your Kia Sorento or at the 30,000 mile mark (whichever comes first), these things should be addressed:

  • Inspect air conditioning refrigerant
  • Inspect brake hoses and lines
  • Inspect drive shafts and boots
  • Inspect exhaust pipe and muffler
  • Inspect front brake disc/pads, calipers
  • Inspect AWD model propeller shafts
  • Inspect rear brake disc/pads
  • Inspect steering gear box, linkage & boots/lower arm ball joint, upper arm ball joint
  • Inspect suspension mounting bolts
  • Inspect brake fluid
  • Inspect fuel lines, fuel hoses and connections
  • Inspect parking brake
  • Inspect vapor hose and fuel filler cap, fuel tank
  • Replace climate control air filter (for evaporator and blower unit)

For more information on what comes next, check out our general guides to Kia maintenance at 60,000 miles. We can also show you why some drivers choose to schedule service even more often, once every 3,750 miles or so. While you’re at it, take a closer look at the Kia new vehicle warranty.
Silver 2020 Kia Sorento Driving Through Field

Schedule Service at Suntrup Kia South

If you’re looking for Kia service near the Jefferson County area, stop by our service center here at Suntrup Kia South. Our factory-trained technicians are happy to conduct your regular maintenance inspection, assist you with any other immediate repair needs, or share other service tips to keep your Kia model running safely and efficiently. Still doing research? Find out how to replace a brake light or how to clean your fuel injector with help from the team at Suntrup Kia South.

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